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Don’t miss out on your FREE download of onOne’s “Perfect Effects 3 Free” and Sal Cincotta’s “Nitty Gritty & BW preset actions”! Sign up or log into the site >> launch the magazine >> go to page 5 >> click on the links >> let the download begin.

  • Ken

    Looks good to me

  • Ken

    Thanks for the opportunity to be part of something special.

  • This magazine is fabulous… not just for photographers, but for anyone in visual communications. It’s graphically beautiful, chock full of great information and articles that are absolutely relevant! I look forward to many inspiring future issues!

  • Always the good and “true” products by onOne.

  • I signed up – How do I get it??

  • Hi

    Can someone tell where the link is to download this software. I’ve been trying for ages and cannot find it.


  • handino

    Sorry, – but where can I download?? There is no download button??

  • Sal Cincotta

    Hey everyone! I appreciate you signing up for the new mag!! I hope you enjoy. Please! Before sending an email askIng how to get software read the instructions. Log into magazine and go to the correct page. Thanks in advance much love sal!

  • BJ

    Hate to say it, but the instructions to get the download are not very clear. That’s why people are having problems.

    • admin

      hopefully, we can agree to disagree. ๐Ÿ™‚ ~sal

  • JRamos

    So this free perfect effects 3 download is really a 30 trial right?

    • admin

      nope. its really free. download and check it out. ๐Ÿ™‚ and so are my presets that i created specifically for them.

  • Hello!

    I see the downloads, thank you! Question though… I would love to be able to read this on my iPad as I’m on a roadtrip coming up through Nebraska and Iowa – not much to look at lol! Is there any way to download a PDF of the magazine to read when offline?

    Thank you!


    • admin

      there sure is. log in to the mag and on the left of the mag you will see a download link.

      download it to your ipad and it will download the mag, videos and all!!



  • John Reynoso

    Thank you so much Sal for the free download! Thank you for this awesome Shutter Mag! I’ve learned so much from it. I’m definitely looking forward to the next issue! I saw you on Creative Live and you ROCK!!! Thank you for all the information you shared!

  • Robert S Lappin

    Looks good to me also.

    Bob Lappin

  • I appreciate the invite to join ShutterMag. It is always nice to be a part of something unique and new. Special thanks to Salvatore Cincotta!

  • Mario

    Dear on One Software,

    Thank you for the free software & behind the shutter.

    Mario ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Linh Nguyen

    Hi SHutter,

    I just sign up today Dec12, 2012. i tried to download free on one but no button on page 5 for doing it. Show me how?

    Best Regards

    LInh Nguyen
    San Jose, CA

    • admin

      hey there linh – its there i promise – i dont know how to show you. once you are in the mag you will see where it says click here… hope that helps – sal

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Free onOne Software Download

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